International Wealth Tax Advisors’ (IWTA) clients come from every corner of the world. Despite differences in language, home governments, profession and cultural norms, there are four questions we get asked over and over. These questions revolve around the general principles and philosophies that have informed U.S. laws and tax laws, defined citizenship and set the stage for the world’s greatest free economy. If you have found our website, chances are that you too are seeking answers to the “Four Questions”.

To that end, IWTA’s founder Jack Brister has written four blog posts addressing the Four Questions, which are:

Q1:  How is it that when the U.S. financial markets crash, and the U.S. economy tanks, Americans never give up?  They get up, brush themselves off and move forward looking for the next opportunity.

Q2:  Why does the U.S. employ a system of worldwide taxation and not a territorial system like the rest of the world?

Q3:  Why does the U.S. employ a “substance over form” tax system?

Q4:  Why does the U.S. tax system require so much disclosure?  What is the cost for failure to Disclose?

We hope you will find IWTA’s blog posts on the Four Questions helpful, and look forward to your comments.

–The IWTA Blog Team