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Do you provide U.S. tax advice regarding the taxation of foreign trust distributions received by U.S. persons (U.S. citizen, green card holder, and resident)?

We can advise you on the implications of receiving distributions and preparing all U.S. tax forms, schedules and calculations that may be required when U.S. taxpayers have transactions with foreign trusts (Form 3520, Form 3520-A, FBAR (FinCEN 114), Form 8938, Form 5471, Form 8621, distributable net income calculations, undistributable net income calculations and beneficiary statements, etc.).

Can you advise on the U.S. tax implications and filing requirements of a U.S. person who has received a gift from a foreign person or entity?

We can advise on the taxation of receipt of a foreign gift, prepare Form 3520 and other potential related forms such as FBAR (FinCEN 114), Form 8938, etc.

Can you advise on the use of U.S. trust structures?

We can advise on the best possible U.S. trust structure for non-U.S. families desiring to use the U.S. for family wealth transfer planning and prepare the related tax returns that may be required.

Can you advise on appropriate U.S. business structures, doing business in the U.S. and the associated tax implications and/or filing requirements?

We can assist you in deciding what U.S. business entity will be best for your particular situation and prepare the appropriate federal, state and other local tax returns that may be required such as sales and use tax and other excise and gross business tax returns.

Can you advise on FATCA matters and the reporting requirements?

We can advise you on the requirements of U.S. tax Forms for individuals, trusts and entities including Form 8938 (foreign financial asset report).  We can also provide advice on the FATCA reporting requirements for entities defined as Foreign Financial Institutions (in Form 8966) and apply for a Global International Identification Number (GIIN).

Do you prepare international tax returns?

We prepare U.S. tax returns and all forms, schedules, calculations related to international investments, transactions with foreign trusts and estates, and international business transactions but do not advise or prepare tax returns of foreign jurisdictions.