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Led by International Tax Consultant Jack Brister, the IWTA team excel at solving complex cross border tax issues.  Working with clients’ offshore and domestic wealth structures and investment portfolios, we strategically pinpoint the intricacies and weaknesses of U.S. and foreign tax systems to minimize loss of wealth and profits.

Founded in 2015 and located in the heart of New York City on Avenue of the Americas, International Wealth Tax Advisors provides highly personalized, secure and private global tax accounting and consulting to individuals, families, family offices and foreign-based multinational business clients across the U.S.A and North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Middle East.


Our Specialties

Foreign Trust, Estate and Gift Taxation

Based on clients’ jurisdiction and current needs, IWTA provides strategic consulting and assists in selecting and implementing a wealth transfer structure to maximize returns and minimize tax exposure.

Pre-Immigration and Expatriation Planning

IWTA assists clients planning to become U.S. taxpayers as well as those terminating their citizen or green card status. We help mitigate the substantial taxes that can result from these decisions.

U.S., Real Estate & Foreign Investments

 IWTA provides non-U.S. taxpayers diligent assessment of and planning for investments in U.S. business and real estate. For U.S. taxpayers:  We provide foreign investment and tax strategies.

Foreign Financial Asset and FBAR Reporting

 Get help with FACTA, foreign financial asset reporting and the FBAR and know the filing requirements: Most U.S. persons with  interest in foreign accounts/investments are required to report,  and to file the FBAR.

Voluntary Disclosures

The U.S. federal and state governments have long-standing offerings of voluntary disclosure programs. IWTA helps taxpayers who have lapsed in tax filing and international disclosures get back in compliance.

Business Activities

 IWTA helps clients establish businesses in the USA, structure them for maximum tax benefits, and file tax returns as U.S. policies and regulations dictate. Knowing and complying with U.S. State and Local tax laws are critical factors.

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

IWTA helps clients find the right classification for their entities, obtain a Global International Identification Number, and prepare Form W-8 and Form 8966 to ensure compliance.

Non-Resident Alien Tax Planning

The time NRAs spend in the U.S., combined with U.S. investment structure is critical to minimize U.S. tax exposure and liability. IWTA helps NRAs avoid costly mistakes with a personalized strategic financial and tax plan.

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The U.S. is the world's largest economy with vast opportunities to expand wealth.

The “American Dream” of building unlimited wealth through investments in the U.S.A is practically a global obsession. However, understanding the U.S. system of worldwide tax collection and what legally defines an entity as a U.S. taxpayer is critical to building, growing and keeping your investments.

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IRS Introduces Tax Relief Measures for Those Impacted by Covid-19

IWTA Breaking Tax News:
IRS Introduces Tax Relief Measures for Those Impacted by Covid-19

On November 2, 2020 the Internal Revenue Service announced changes designed to de-stress taxpayers filing late 2019 returns, and those that have fallen behind on previously-negotiated installment agreements or otherwise struggling to pay balances owed.
In short, any taxpayer struggling financially due to the pandemic can take comfort in and advantage of the second phase of tax relief — what the IRS calls its “People First” initiative. This applies to small business owners too, who have been hurt badly by the pandemic-induced economic slowdown.

In 2020 Cryptocurrency is No Longer a “Bit” Player

It is evident that the Covid economy has only intensified the thirst of investors, entrepreneurs and increasingly, average citizens, for an economic model that more seamlessly marries with life-in-the-digital-lane. This article updats the shifting landscape of cryptocurrency, banking and finance and taxes. The future is here and traditional banking must ride the cryptocurrency blockchain or go the way of the abacus.

Are You FIRPTA Compliant? IRS Targets Foreign Holders of U.S. Real Estate

The U.S. Congress designed the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) to collect tax on the sale of a U.S. property by a foreign person or business entity in order to ensure that foreign persons and entities paid tax on their U.S. source (situated) income (i.e., extract a type of capital gains tax that would normally not apply). Looking to boost tax revenues in a tough year of the Covid-19 pandemic, on On October 5th and Sept. 14. 2020, the IRS Large Business & International Division (LB&I) issued notices regarding their resumption of a FIRPTA enforcement campaign.

IRS Cuts FDII and GILTI Some Slack

Last month, on July 9, to be exact, the U.S. Treasury Department and the IRS officially rolled out final regulations under IRS tax code Section 250, providing updated guidance on the deduction for foreign-derived intangible income (FDII) and global intangible low-taxed income (GILTI).

Finally- All the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Foreign Trusts in One Place!

Finally- All the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Foreign Trusts in One Place!
BONUS: A Handy Yes/No Calculation Quiz to Determine:
1. IF Your Trust is a Foreign Trust
2. Type of Trust
This blog post introduces International wealth tax advisors’ new FAQ page on Foreign Trusts on the International Welath Tax Asvisors’ website. The page includes a yes/no quiz which calculates which type (if any) foreign trust you are dealing with. If you need foreign trust reporting, management and tax filing help, know that International Wealth Tax Advisors can be your trusted resource!

Breaking Covid-19 Tax News Update: IRS’ “Substantial Presence 60-Day Covid-19 Waiver is Set to Expire

It looks like the IRS is ending their tax grace period, the 60-day “Covid-19 Emergency Period” for eligible non-resident alien individuals. In U.S. Treasury Department terms, IRS Rev. Proc. 2020-20 and Rev Proc 2020-27 are coming to an end.
The IRS released relief measures (Rev. Proc 2020-20, Rev. Proc. 2020-27) in April 2020. In brief, the measures allowed nonresident individuals, foreign corporations, and partnerships to choose a 60-day period between Feb. 1 and April 1 in which the IRS would not consider their U.S. activity to trigger a tax liability. The agency updated its relief information earlier in June 2020.

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